SSC Certified contractor

SCC certificate

SCC stands for “Safety checklist contractors”. The certificate is intended for companies and contractors who carry out activities in high-risk sectors or environments (e.g. factories, chemical, petrochemical companies, etcetera). Companies that want to obtain an SCC certificate have to fill out a comprehensive checklist that will determine whether the company is complying with the necessary measures with regard to prevention, safety and health. If the company achieves a high enough score then it may claim its SCC Petrochemical certificate. This shows and proves that the company values the safety of its employees .

Count on the experts

Since we have an SCC Petrochemical certificate we are qualified for all kinds of work in the petrochemical sector. You can rely on us for:

Professional follow-up

We always appoint one single project manager to coordinate your project. You can contact this manager if you have any questions about the ongoing construction works. Because there is only one contact person we can quickly adapt to changes and problems and look for a suitable solution swiftly.

Contact a specialist

Do you work in the petrochemical sector and does your company require construction works? BCS Swinnen is your ideal partner. Our SCC Petrochemical certificate is the living proof. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts will look at the possibilities together with you and will provide you with the best solution.