The construction specialist

+35 years active in petrochemical, manufacturing and SME, the nuclear industry and public works.

Always there for you

BCS Swinnen is a specialist contractor that has been working on construction projects for the petrochemical, manufacturing and nuclear industry since 1985.

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Our strengths

Flexible company

Flexible company with a team
that can be deployed rapidly


Innovative with a strong
focus on safety


+35 years’ experience at petrochemical,
industrial and nuclear sites

No stress

Steel and concrete, structures and prefab, engineering and planning.
We take care of everything.

We are at home in these industries

BCS Swinnen rises to every challenge. A specialist building contractor with experience of petrochemical, industrial, nuclear and civil engineering sites, we can assist you on any project. Read how our expertise can add value in your industry too.



As a holder of (top-grade) VCA-P certification for the petrochemical industry we are able to build in high-risk industries and environments. We offer personalised solutions and professional support, so you are always fully up to speed on the advancement of the work.

Manufacturing & SMEs

Manufacturing & SMEs

Large manufacturing companies and SMEs can rely on us for all their construction, concreting and shuttering, excavation and demolition, welding, safety work and support in the event of shutdowns. We get the job done quickly with a team of qualified specialists who receive regular training updates.

Nuclear industry

Nuclear industry

Companies in the nuclear industry have been able to count on our experience and expertise for more than 20 years. We ensure that all work on nuclear sites is carried out safely.

Public works

Public works

As an accredited Class 6 building contractor (Cat. C and D) we have the technical competency, financial capacity and professional integrity for road building and general construction activities under public contracts.

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