Dry slope on the way

Ramping it up for snowboarders

A new dry slope will be built for elite snowboarders like Wie Seppe Smits, Loranne Smans and Sebbe De Buck and the stars of tomorrow on the Kattevennen estate in Genk. It will be the first professional slope in Belgium. There are actually only four of these dry slopes in the whole world. It can also be used for world cups.

Ingenious design

Sport Vlaanderen partnered up with Mapix for the design. This 3D specialist is an experienced snow park designer. Climbing to 30 metres and 7 metres wide, with a 30 degree slope, the Genk dry slope is inspired by the Olympic set-up and promises to be a fantastic elite sport facility. The kicker at the bottom is height-adjustable. The snowboarders land on a large cushion that was made in Canada. There is a covered starters zone at the top of the dry slope. Cameras are set up along the slope. The snowboarders can analyse the photos to identify potential improvements. A partnership will be set up to this end with selected universities and university colleges.

Visitors welcome

The dry slope will initially only be open to professional snowboarders and skiers. A viewing platform will be built for visitors, with a breathtaking view of Hoge Kempen National Park. The dry slope will be finished with a reflective external coating to ensure it fits into its surroundings.

BCS Swinnen is very proud to have been awarded this project. We will work with some of our regular subcontractors to ensure we build a facility that puts Belgium on the international snowboarding map.